One of Europe's major vegetable producers, lies at the heart of a fertile region (Ardooie, Belgium) well known for its intensive cultivation of vegetables, thanks to its central location, D'Arta's raw materials arrive at the factory almost immediately after harvesting. Its quality products feature a wide range of vegetables,( peas, baby carrots, beans, onions, leeks, brussel sprouts etc. ) mixes and herbs. D'Arta's factory in Portugal produces mainly Broccoli, courgettes/zucchini and bell peppers.

D'Arta was founded and established in May 1988, by Johan TALPE, and Jean-Pierre DE BACKERE, two long time friends and colleagues. Both gentleman, being "hands on" possess vast experience and dedication to the ever changing Frozen Vegetable Industry while being flexible to customer service needs. The first year of production, (1988) production was 12,000 tons, in 2001; 72,000 tons, in 2004; 100,000 tons and further commitment to expansion in the future will boast a very substantial increase. Four I.Q.F. Freezer Tunnels have the capacity to produce 55 metric tons per hour*. D'Arta Portugal produces ~ 12,000 tons per year.

D'Arta can pride itself with state-of-the-art technology and high tech stainless steel processing and packing lines proves year to year to output the finest quality vegetables commonly found in the very popular Brand "Greens" as demanded by the most esteemed consumers, ( Unilever Europe ( Iglo ), Metro, Carrefour, Sainsbury, Elior and has become one of the most important European suppliers of frozen vegetables exported to Canada ). No costs are spared to the infrastructure of the factory to ensure the most cost effective process in the industry is achieved. Automated robotic cold storage manages 42,000 pallet places ( bulk and packed product ) alongside an existing traditional warehouse with a holding capacity of 20,000 metric tons is all well operated by highly motivated and well trained staff and specialists.

D'Arta strives for total quality assurance in accordance with ISO 9002 and HACCP with a dedication to food safety and security all monitored and controlled by expertly skilled professionals.

* Production figures are based on the production of Green Peas.